Ethica Spring 2010 Issue

Filed under: Ethica Newsletter by: Pat Gehrke

Attached is the Spring 2010 issue of the division’s newsletter, Ethica.
Ethica_Vol.23_No1_Spring_2010 (1)

In this issue:
Subject page #
* 2010 NCA convention and division call—1-2
* 2009 Communication Ethics Division
Award Honorees—2
* Division meeting minutes-Chicago—3-4
* Message from the Division Chair—5
* Note from Immediate-Past Chair—5
* Proposed Changes to Bylaws—6
* Report on the NCA 2009 Town Hall Meeting—7-8
* National Communication Ethics Conference—9
* Comm. Ethics listserv explained—10
* Division officer contact list—10
* Committee lists and emails— 11-12

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